Jun 14, 2019
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Metal Buildings for Your Home

The hardest part of buying a metal building is finding a company that is reliable enough to do the job. Having your land leveled or pouring a concrete pad is simple compared to finding a quality metal building company.

Everyone has heard the horror stories of contractors doing a horrible job, never showing up on time or worst of all, building projects that end up costing three times more than the original quoted estimate.

Those are some of the stories that we hear all the time. In 1997 we decided that we were going to start a company based on integrity and that quality over quantity was going to be our first priority for our customers.

It is a process to get a pre-engineered steel structure. That is true for steel and metal buildings in general. We have the most well trained customer service reps in the business. They know every detail about metal building prices, what the buildings include or don’t include and the latest metal building offers.

In the industry of steel buildings what makes the difference is free delivery and installation. When doing your research, be aware that not all buildings are the same and not all prices are calculated the same. We offer our customers competitive prices on every storage building, including metal garages or custom metal buildings. We use the best materials on the market while still allowing free building installation on your level foundation.

When you talk to one of our representatives they will assist you in placing the walk in doors, windows, garage doors, and many more options we offer for our steel garages while still being cost effective.