Mar 22, 2023
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A Commercial Building can be utilized in many different ways. Our customer Brett who needed a Commercial building for his business. Brett chose Carolina Carports Inc the leader in metal buildings for the past 25 years because he wanted his structure to be manufactured to the highest quality with some of the best technology in the industry. Our Commercial Structures can range from 32’ feet to 60’ feet wide and as long as you need it to go. Brett decided that for his purposes he needed a 60’ foot wide x 112’ foot long x 20’ foot tall metal building that has a side connection of 60’ feet wide x 72’ feet long x 11’ feet tall. These buildings have some great features added on to them such as:
  • (2) 10’ feet wide x 10’ feet tall frame outs on each of the 60’ foot wide ends
  • (2) 36”x80” frame outs on each 60’ foot wide ends
  • (10) 30”x44” frame outs on each 72’ foot long side with (4) being on the 60’ foot wide end
  • Vertical roof, sides and ends for both structures
  • Color options Pewter Gray for the sides paired with our Deluxe Two Tone option for the black part of our structure.
Our client just ordered frame outs for his Commercial metal building but we do offer garage doors and windows that you can choose from when you order your building. This structure will provide our client with an ample amount of space for all of his business needs. The side panels, roof, trim and frame outs are all manufactured by us Carolina Carports Inc at our Dobson, NC headquarters location. Our prefabricated metal buildings are available for everything from the smallest residential storage building (like a shed) to a large commercial warehouse building. Even when it comes to residential homeowners that need some extra space whether it be for storage or garage space, Carolina Carports can do it all. We take pride in manufacturing our buildings to the highest quality for our clients for the past 25 years. Our team of experts will be able to help you answer any questions on customizing your structure for the requirements you need.
  • Just call us at (800) 670-4262 or visit our contact us page to receive help on your metal structure.

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