Carolina Carports Reviews

Jodie Roush

I ordered a carport in April from Elephant Structures who deals through Eagle in Mt Airy for my location. After 90 days of delivery cancelations and lies about my delivery date, I finally gave up and ordered from a local dealer that sells Carolina Carports. He was able to match the price and in less than three weeks it was delivered. I recommend this company!!!

22nd Aug 2016

Todd Schumacher

I've been an Independent Dealer, for Carolina Carports, Inc., in Ravenna, Ohio, for close to 12 years. I have been extremely happy w the level of customer service provided to my Customers and to myself. I meet w/ all of my Customers personally and in many cases at their homes. This assures proper measurements and analysis of their site for level and square, which is important for proper installation and most of all, the customers overall happiness!

29th Aug 2016

Diane Strickland

Carolina Carports uses independent contractors to install their buildings. As with anything else , they cannot control the sub-contractors. If the contractors don't get the buildings put up - Carolina Carports doesn't get their money! SO it makes sense that CC is not to blame for the actions of the contractors. Some are good - others are not. They are first in class in these type buildings and there's a reason for that. The product speaks for itself ~ the problem lies in not having enough contractors to fulfill the massive orders!

5th Aug 2016

Dave Pugh

Actually I'm surprised at the negative reviews, I had a good redneck crew ( lol ) that put it up right where I wanted it, it went up good and fast and they even gave me a good pointer on a safety precaution to take for our horses. They were rednecks but they got the job done with no problems, besides what the heck, we live in Tennessee. y"all

29th Aug 2016

David Harris

We had two identical carports installed by Carolina Carports, installers were fast, courteous and very professional. We had two storms roll in within a 30 day period and one carport sustained three direct hits in virtually the same spot from large oak limbs. My truck is undamaged, the carport is still standing, built strong, great carport!

15th Aug 2016

Daniel Berrios

Awesome finished product and can't beat the price. The installers were quick and I would say overall a good experience. I would definitely buy again. Some of the reviews are a bit scary when I first researched them and it did take 11 weeks to install, but if you have the time and don't want to overspend, be patient and you will get a great product at a price that won't break the bank.

5th Jul 2016

Richard Lee

I'm honestly very surprised to read bad reviews about this company. I purchased a used Carolina carports building from an individual (second hand.) I had difficulties with my county and permitting issues, followed by concrete and construction questions. Carolina carports went ABOVE AND BEYOND to help me with everything. I spoke to a helpful person during every phone call, was never pushed to another desk and never brushed off. The building quality is amazing and I couldn't be happier. They didn't have to help me as I didn't even purchase the building from them, but they did. I already referred my concrete contractor to them as he liked my building after construction and I told him about the great service, he just purchased one also. Thank you Jason Cope and CC for everything, great job.

7th Jul 2016

Kristi Heredia

I ordered my carport last Fall through a local dealer who was great to deal with. We were told it could take 8-12 weeks to get it as they needed to get a set of deliveries together. We got a 20x26' carport with 10' legs. I use it for a shelter for my horse. Called a couple times to check on it and everyone was pleasant that I spoke to. We got notification that it was coming. The guys showed up early that morning to set it up and did a bang up job. It turned out better than we thought it would.

29th Jun 2016

Laura Smith

I have to say I almost canceled my carport installation after reading all these reviews, however I took a leap of faith and from start to finish, the customer service has been excellent. Ashley called and scheduled the carport installation on a Friday for the following Thursday - due to a weather delay she called me back on Wednesday and rescheduled for Friday - , the delivery was on time Friday Morning and the work was speedy and efficient. The two guys who installed it were professional and did a great job. I would recommend them.

15th Jun 2016

J. M.

I was leery of buying a building from Carolina Carports because of their dismal track record. The dealer that sold it to me assured me that they are working on some issues and considering they install many buildings across the country you are gonna have some complaints. I took the dealer on his work cause we found out we served together in the Marine Corp and in the same unit. Process of building went great. Crew showed up as I was told and 24 hours later the 30x41 bldg. was completed. The crew was organized and worked very hard and steady and answered any questions my site foreman had, (brother-in-law). I was not able to be their cause I had to work but I would give the 9 out of 10 stars for workmanship and only because I'm fussier than most people but two rows of screws on one side were crooked. They should have snapped a chalk line to follow. However, it was not a deal breaker and most people would not notice it. Having said all of this I have not, at this point, looked for any leaks or seen any or other issues that would probably all under the warranty. The office stall in Dobson, especially Mallory was very helpful and fair. So far I've had a lot of compliments on the building. So maybe they have turned things around and I would recommend and use them again.

8th May 2016

Belinda Kelly

Thank you Carolina Carports! I love my carport. I had it installed on July of 2015 and I can say it was one of the best investments. My experience with customer service was great. They were very professional, and accurate with all of my questions. My carport was even installed a day before it was expected. The crew was extremely efficient and fast my carport was up in less than 2 hours .. maybe an hour! I was so impressed with the workmanship. They made sure it was properly leveled and anchored. I've had several people knock on my door to inquire about my carport. I highly recommend Carolina Carports!

29th Aug 2016

Frida Lara

Carolina Carports seems to have a good dealer network. I contacted one of their online dealers: Carport Central. The dealer was upfront in stating that it may take an extra two weeks beyond the stated 6 weeks’ delivery timeline for the carport to arrive. And that happened too. They try and consolidate the deliveries in a particular region by sending installers who install at multiple sites. The installation team was quick and had three gentlemen who discussed the needs and were happy to start the installation process right away. Their main concern was that the site should be level and Carport Central did a great job explaining to us that we need a concrete pad or a flat ground for the installation of metal structures to go smoothly.

The quality of their build is really good and considering the price, it is a steal. They back it up with a 10-year warranty on panels, I would consider it as a safe investment to protect my cars and RVs (I have 2 of them each). They manufactured a metal building which is compliant with the snow load certification requirements of Ohio. Am happy insofar with Carolina Carports and their quality workmanship of steel buildings.

6th Aug 2016

R. H.

First of all, yes, it took two months longer than I was originally told, to get my carport installed. And yes, they did cancel the first install date. Having said that, the installed carport was of excellent quality. I was surprised at the strength of the steel; I could barely get my drill bits though it when I went to close up the sides. Installation took only 1 hour, and the total cost of the install was well below what the competitors were charging. So I guess it's a tradeoff, if you want a high quality low cost carport, you are going to need a flexible installation schedule, and some patience. Hope this helps Roger Hill Lawrence Kansas.

25th Jun 2016

T. J.

I bought a carport from CCI thru a local dealer here in Salisbury NC in May 2015.I see where a lot of folks had trouble but that wasn't my case. I knew what the costs were up front, they called and gave me a delivery-set up time and they kept that time. The crew that showed up were very good and efficient, they had my carport up, level and were done within an hour.

11th Jun 2016

D. H. Cartersville, GA

Ordered my carpet in Feb, never got a callback, because the contracted agent who I bought the carpet from said that they would contact me. He was a little shady... So we called him a couple times, he wouldn't return or calls. Finally contacted Carolina carport and they were all over it. Thru stayed in contact, we hammered out a date, and then we cancelled on them. They followed up and we set a new date. They contact our the installation and I have to tell you when the guys showed up, we were thier 5th bull**** of the day. We ordered a really huge building. The company was Montero. They went right to work and worked until dark.Stated that they would be back at 6am to finish. They came call at 6am to finish and were so cconsiderant of the time, that they didn't disturb anyone with thier construction noise. We roles out of bed at 8 am and watched them finish up the job. It was perfect!! Looks better that I thought it would and these guys had us to walk around before they left and made sure we were happy with it. We are!!!!! This was the easiest and best planned job of any construction project we'd ever hired out. I would recommend this company to anyone!!

4th Jun 2016

B. H.

Awesome job speedy install! Will use again

18th May 2016

K. W.

I ordered my Carolina Carport from ****** Factory Outlet. Both the dealer and manufacturer were excellent in their communication and helpfulness. The installers did an excellent job. I could rave about their expertise all day. They were that good ! I am pleased with all aspects of the transaction. Very satisfied customer.

13th April 2016

R. C.

With such poor ratings by the BBB and an "ALERT" warning, I was really worried about ordering my carport from Carolina Carport, Inc. I researched other major carport dealers and found that most had the same rating and "ALERT" as Carolina Carports. With this info, I was left the choice of taking a chance with Carolina Carport or not purchasing a carport. The latter was not an option. I purchased my 18X36X11 carport on Feb. 29 and was installed on March 11. WOW! That was quick. The two installers who installed the carport, Ulises & Jose, were very professional, hard working, and informative. They asked me how I wanted certain things done and gave me tips for better ground support. I would recommend them every day. The quality of the frame and siding was top notch along with the install.

11th March 2016

S. D.

I placed my order with a local agent for my 60 x 30 workshop, over the following weeks I revived several calls making sure my order details were correct , When it came down to delivery they were on time and did a first class assembly job, Value for money and service was excellent , Thank you And no I am not related to or have any contact other than my purchase to this company.

17th Feb 2016

Dave s.

got a late start getting my area ready, due to me working away...but I ordered 9-9-15 with the site ready...24 x 21 x 9 Vertical roof/sides/gables came 10-30-15 as promised...the crew arrived late fault of theirs, since the person who's building was to be put up the day before didn't have his concrete base right...the crew led by Marcello Ocampo never stopped for the next 7 hours...he was very polite, and answered every question I had...for a young man, he was very experienced...if I put another up, I wish he would be the one to do it... I understand some customers complaints about crews not showing up on the day or time promised... its usually not the crews is a big factor...traveling time may play into it...customer saying site ready/level and it’s not... maybe CCI could have crew leader call in to let them know if there’s a delay, and CCI could forward to customer...

11th Jan 2015

Eric C.

Last week, Carolina Carport installed a 24ft X 31ft garage for me. I am very pleased. Building looks great and my property was left clean & neat. I was told that lead time to get building installed would be approx. 8 weeks. I figured, therefore, that I had 8 weeks to get the site ready before they showed up with the building. This was not the case. About a month after I ordered the building, I called C.C. to let them know the site was ready and check on status of building. THAT is when they started the 8 week lead time. Actual lead time from date of order was more like 12 or 14 weeks. However, we're still very happy with the purchase and recommend this company.

26th Nov 2015