40' Wide Certified Metal Buildings

    • 40' x 61' x 11' All Vertical 40' Wide carport with two gable ends
    Wide metal buildings
    • 40' x 301' x 10' All Vertical 40' Wide 
    Vertical roof style metal buildings
    • 40' x 31' x 11' All Vertical 40' Wide with three sides closed and one gable end
    Vertical roof style steel buildings
    • 40' x 151' x 9' All Vertical 40' Wide garage with three 10' x 8' garage doors and one walk-in door
    Metal building warehouse
    • 40' x 61' x 12' All Vertical 40' wide with three sides closed and one gable end
    Custom metal building

40' Wide Certified Carports

32’ - 40’ Wide, Engineer Certified, Fully Vertical. Custom truss design for clear span area. All of our 40’ wide buildings are designed by a professional engineer to meet or exceed wind and snow load requirements. From a vertical top only to an all vertical enclosed garage, any length, up to 14’ side height. Our 40’wide buildings are structurally sound and more economical than most red iron or pre-engineered steel buildings. They are also designed for faster assembly.

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  • Certified 40’ Wide

    All vertical with advanced truss and leg design for additional stability. Vertical style prevents rain and snow from “standing” on your building."